Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Where Does the Money Go?

In response to the comment on our post “Considering Solutions for Oncology Drug Purchasing”, we agree and that is why we are pushing into new directions in this area. The key ingredient we need is for small groups to band together to arrive at a critical mass to break up this price fixing between the distributors. Medical Oncologists were supposed to be able to purchase drugs at ASP and it's not the case. Right or wrong, our government says it is our responsibility to find the solution. With that said, we have three goals:

Goal 1: Attempt to find a way to purchase drugs at ASP,

Goal 2: If that fails, accumulate the data and visit CMS with specific information,

Goal 3: If CMS and government fail to act on the data we accumulate, then we collectively take legal action to prove that price fixing is occurring in the market.

These are the choices in a free market system. Call us and join our effort.

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