Thursday, October 25, 2007

Reality is in the Results, and It is No Surprise

In our previous post, “Considering Solutions for Oncology Drug Purchasing”, we asked for you to fill out our short “worksheet” in the News area of our website. We had several responses from oncology/hematology practices, comparing what they are paying to the Medicare allowable. No surprise: most physicians are paying way too much. We have posted these current results on our Neltner Billing website, and will update this as we get more data from hematologists/oncologists across the country.

Now that you see the data, is it reality or myth that:
  • Oncologists cannot purchase drugs at ASP or lower.
  • Oncologists have been misled by industry representatives that oncologists are purchasing drugs at or below ASP.

The answer is reality, and you are proving it in your numbers. The table shows that most payments are red and blue. Red numbers denote payments of ASP+6% or higher; blue numbers denote payments between ASP and ASP+6%. There are few numbers in black which actually fall below ASP.

Thank you for the responses we have received so far and please keep them coming. It is clear from what we have collected so far, that ASP is flawed. The more data we can collect, the stronger we will be in lobbying for change. The data, the reality, cannot be ignored.

If any of you would be interested in attending pre-scheduled airport meetings, please comment back to us as we have considered this as a venue to discuss the ASP issue together in person.

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