Friday, November 21, 2008

Can Our Healthcare System Finally be Fixed?

Our government spends a lot of time trying to fix our healthcare system implementing policies and procedures that don’t work, make things worse, or sometimes standing idle and not doing anything. We know this because we live the effects of their decisions and indecisions every single day.

But, can creating a competition to finally find the answer that fixes our healthcare system be the key? WellPoint, the WellPoint Foundation and the X PRIZE Foundation are teaming up to create a healthcare X PRIZE because they think so. Who better than health care providers, patients, benefits providers, employers, etc. to change what is broken?

Currently, they are seeking participation from all of us to develop the guidelines for the competition which should be revealed early in 2009. This is a great opportunity to not only be heard on the issues we are living day-to-day, but to initiate the changes that we so desperately need and want.

Visit the X PRIZE site and give them your input and opinion for the guidelines and the areas they should be considering when developing this healthcare X PRIZE competition.

Neltner Billing has submitted the key items we think need to be included in this competition.

The competition has great rewards for the team that achieves the X PRIZE goal based on the guidelines that are input. The X PRIZE Foundation will award a minimum of $10 million to the winning team.

Now is our chance – don’t let this opportunity pass - they are finally asking the right people. Take this opportunity to participate in the decision-making process.

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