Thursday, December 13, 2007

Reimbursement of Administering Chemotherapy is at a Low Level

Unfortunately, professional services for medical oncologists and hematologists administering chemotherapy and other infusables are getting reimbursed at a low level.

Oncology infusion codes are still using technical descriptors based on 1985 to 1989 CPT codes, which present their descriptors as a “nurse only” type of service. This does not take into account the knowledge, years of training and experience the physician has. We believe the infusion codes must take this into consideration.

Radiation oncology has treatment planning codes, and medical oncology should as well. Or even better yet, the capability to bill level six, seven and eight codes.

Are you receiving the reimbursement needed to take care of your patients, much less just cover your costs of chemotherapy? What are you experiencing? Share your comments with us. We would like to know.

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